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The Environmental Science department at Sheikh Borhanuddin Post Graduate College was the first established under National University in Bangladesh in 1999. It has always been devoted to the study of Environmental Science as an integrated subject, which is reflected in our degrees. First Head of Department was Dr. Mubarok Ali Akando & present Head of Department is Professor Nilufar Begum.

       Environmental Science Department was first Established in this college under National University. Only study in Environmental Science in Borhanuddin College under National University. So its' a great scope to study in Environmental Science in this college  for all students.

The environment affects everyone, from global issues such as climate change and pollution, to more local issues such as the quality of rural and urban environments. Do you want to learn how science can be applied to understand and respond to these environmental issues?

The Environmental Science degree programme at Sheikh Borhanuddin Post Graduate College in Dhaka City will help you to understand the complex relationships within the natural environment and human interactions with it. You can also combine your interest in Environmental Science with Business Management to understand how industry can make environmentally informed business decisions in an increasingly competitive market.

Our degree programmes in Environmental Science are flexible and are jointly taught by staff in both the School of Geography and the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences. Modules cover a wide range of subjects including pollution, climate change, ecology and conservation.

Studying in Environmental Science provides you with an excellent opportunity to study and understand the environmental pressures of living and working in an urban environment, while an excellent choice of residential and non-residential fieldwork opportunities let you study the natural environment first hand.





































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